The Last Empress of Fashion
A feature film by Gala Pawl and Michael Vaynberg
Film directed by
Gala Pawl (documentary director)
Michael Vaynberg (re-enactment scenes director)
USA, Italy, UK, France,
Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Guinea-Bissau
Planned release
Summer 2019
Team of producers
Gala Pawl (USA), Alexandra Boot (Russia-Belarus), Alexander Mercury (UK-France), Pavel Shumov (USA-Russia)
Starring actors
Mila Anufrieva (as herself), Iris Lebedeva (ex-Iris Ivanova, as Mila in 2000s), Nicole Plieva (as Mila in childhood)
Who is Mila and what the film is about?
The Last Empress of Fashion is a feature about one of the most unique and amazing women on Earth - MILA ANUFRIEVA, who was born into a poor family but built a $100M luxury fashion empire, defeated stage III cancer, evaded the KGB plans to jail her via fake accusations and get rid of her, fled her homeland for Italy where she became the first Russian woman in history to become the official ambassador of Made In Italy. Now Mila spends all her time and money raising over 170 orphaned children in Guinea-Bissau (Africa): builds them a home, a school, provides all the supplies and gives them the love they need to have a brilliant future.
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Our Amazing Crew and Cast
Our female-driven, female-produced and female-directed project has collected the best crew and cast we could have dreamed of.
Gala Pawl
Documentary Director & Executive Producer. USA
The head and the soul of the project - over a decade of producing experience. Award-winning professional with co-production experience in US, Europe & Asia: Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Thailand. Owner of a production house focused on VFX for TV, cinema, and advertising with projects produced for tens of theatrical feature and TV projects.
Beth Kushnick
Visual consultant
Over 30 years in production design and set decoration for film & TV. Her work on the CBS hit The Good Wife brought Beth into the mainstream with an enormous social media following as well as her creation of the first home decor line of licensed product in TV history. Beth is the set decorator of The Good Fight, and has many TV credits including BrainDead & Fringe. Her feature film credits include Wanted with Angelina
Jolie, National Treasure with Nicholas Cage, and Jumanji with Robin Williams.
Michael Vaynberg
Director, live action re-enactments
He taught a theatrical directing program at New York Film Academy, his last film premiered at Cannes, and he won The Best Drama award for his film on New York IFF and got tens of other festival awards worldwide, as well as the 2nd place in The Oscars qualifying LA IFF. His TV series were awarded as "The best TV Series of the year" in Europe. Now he is working on pre-production of a TV show for Netflix and 2 features with A-list Hollywood actors.
Alexandra Boot
Co-Producer, Russia & Belarus
One of the super experienced Russian producers that covers all our production needs in Russia and Belarus (that's over 1/6 of the world, wow). She worked on a whole lot of multi-million dollar features, TV series and movie promo campaigns. We could not be happier that she joined us.
Paul Shumov
Award-winning producer with vast experience in the field of marketing, advertising, creative development, film, movie and on-air promotion. Exclusively produces content for VIACOM, including reports for the Kids' Choice Awards, local TV shows, branding and digital campaigns.
Alexander Mercury
Co-Producer, UK & France
Trained at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), worked on various theater, TV, independent and Hollywood film productions including The Golden Compass, Wonder Woman, Hitman's Bodyguard, World War Z, Jack Ryan and others. His debut film as a director won numerous awards, and our upcoming film surely will follow!
Denis Panov
Director of photography
One of the best DOPs of the new wave: almost every project he shoots is a hit on TV or at the box office. The last project Denis was booked for as a DOP is an upcoming fantasy feature shot in China with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan.
Christine Yeo
Communication specialist
An amazing communications and PR specialist. She worked for such huge names as Blizzard, Wargaming and Perfect World Entertainment. Now Christine is a crucial part of our team helping the world to know about one of the most amazing women on Earth.
Iris Ivanova
Lead actress
Super successful actress known for her roles in the prime-time TV series The Raid (adaptation of the French TV hit Braquo), The Ship (adaptation of the Spanish TV hit El Barco), Trigger. Played in tens of critically acclaimed films including: G, The Third Wheel, Restoration, Full Contact, Eternity and others.
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